Best Rice Cooker – Rice Cooker Reviews

Hi, this is John here, welcome to my Best Rice Cooker & Rice Cooker Reviews blog. I use many type of the rice cooker for years, some of them are very good and some are not. Well, of course I can’t be possible own all those rice cookers, so some of rice cooker reviews is just purely base on research and reading that I found on the internet, shopping site and etc.

So what is the best rice cooker? Here I listed down a few of them that are constantly being received great rating from cook magazine, other kitchen blog post and amazon rice cooker owner feedback. Check it out!

Rice Cooker Reviews - Best Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Reviews - Best Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Reviews – My Top Picks

I think it is very hard just to pick one best brown rice cooker or best sushi rice cooker because most of the top rice cookers recommend here can cook different type of rice very well ( especially the fuzzy logic rice cooker ); may be you just need to know how much water to add-in. I bought most of my rice cookers from Amazon. Personally, I found it’s every convenience, extremely low price and definitely the very best deal you can get for your rice cooker. Plus, it’s easy for me to order as a gift for my friends who like to cook Asian food too; by just key in their address and they will received it few days later. They love it! So I hope you find my rice cooker reviews blog posts and best rice cookers recommendation here helpful.

How To Select A Rice Cooker ?

You need to make up your mind on 2 things when selecting your best rice cooker :

  1. Size Or Cup Of Rice Cooker
  2. Type Of Rice Cooker

1. Size Or Cup Of Rice Cooker

How many people do you need to serve with your rice cooker? Usually, 3 cups of rice cooker can serve up to 2-3 people in the family. 5-8 cups of rice cooker is best fit for a small family (2-5 people). One thing to note here is don’t buy a too large unit/size rice cooker than your need because the rice cooker is designed to operate properly with a specific amount of rice and water. And don’t overfill your rice cooker too because the overflow when boiling is quite messy. Anyway, I would recommend 3 cups size rice cooker for single or couple. And if you need more flexibility, then you should get a standard size cups ( 5.5 cups ) rice cooker just in case you might have a guests sometime.

2. Type Of Rice Cooker

How about the type of rice cooker to pick from? For me, I basically divide them into 2 basic category – on/off rice cooker (one button technology) and fuzzy logic rice cooker.

On/Off Rice Cooker Reviews

As you know, all you need to do is to press one button in on/off rice cooker to cook rice. It will shut off automatically ( or turn to warm ) when it’s done. This is the least expensive and very affordable rice cooker type. You can find the on/off rice cooker price as low as $20. But if you want to have the warm feature for keeping warm as long as 12 hours, it might cost a bit more. But definitely worth while investment if you cook rice often. Here are some of my personal recommendation for on/off best rice cookers:

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Reviews

How about fuzzy logic rice cooker? What is the different between fuzzy logic and on/off rice cooker?
Well, fuzzy logic rice cooker is for you if you are looking for more advance rice cooker that have setting for soup, porridge, brown rice, steamer, rice texture (hard or soft) and induction heating. This type of rice cooker is great but a bit pricey.

Personally, I would look for rice cooker that have at least some basic rice cooker feature such as on/off, warm, non-stick pan and the size that meet my need ( how many serving ). Then, I will consider whether I need the extra fuzzy logic feature to help me to cook soup, porridge and brown rice or whether I like to have different rice texture setting feature. Normally, a good on/off rice cooker can handle brown rice well too. Anyway, if my kitchen space is limited, then I might want to reconsider the size of my rice cooker. Well, if you follow this guide, picking your best rice cooker will become so easy:)

Rice Cooker Guide

I’m quite picky about rice cooker. But I truly understand that the main reason to have a rice cooker is to make cooking rice as easy as possible. So no matter what a rice cooker can do, I think it should be simple to operate and cook delicious rice!

Well, you can find most of the rice cooker reviews from Consumer Reports, Cook Illustrated or owner feedback from Amazon and Epinion shopping site and etc, but what is truly important for me is whether I like the rice cooker or not when I started using it for everyday cooking. As you can see, for now, my top recommendation for rice cookers are Zojirushi rice cooker, Sanyo rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker and Aroma rice cooker.

Besides easy to cook, I like the rice cooker that is easy to clean and have some extra features that fit into my cooking tasks.

Anyway, I hope you do find my rice cooker review and introduction helpful here.

Rice Cooker Review – Guide

Here are some articles that I wrote sometime ago about how to cook rice or some basic rice cooker guide. There will be more coming, so far I only manage to write a few:)

More Rice Cooker Reviews

I think I have covered Sanyo rice cooker, Zojirushi rice cooker, Panasonic rice cooker, Aroma rice cooker and etc. When buying a rice cooker, it’s important to know how many cup rice cooker you are looking for. And whether you like to have a steamer together too.

Best Rice Cooker for Cooking

My pick for:

  • brown rice & sushi riceZojirushi ZCC10
  • congee – coming up
  • sous vide – coming up
  • grains – coming up

Slow cooker or crock pot meal is great company for rice cooker meal, but that’s another story. Well, I hope you do enjoy reading my best rice cooker & rice cooker reviews blog here.